You Have Completed the 75-Hr Real Estate Pre-License Broker Course. Now What Do You Have To Do?

Published Thursday, August 31, 2023

Congratulations! You finished your Real Estate 75-Hr Pre-License Broker course. Now what?

Here is a bit of information you need to know about as you move into the next steps of becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Even though you completed the course with us, have you received your transcript yet?  If you haven’t yet, make sure to review your ACTS which include all the requirements needed to get your transcript!

A – Acquire your Amp ID # & send to us

C – Complete the 10-unit quizzes with a 75% or more

T – Take the course final exam & pass with a 75% or more

S – Sit & sign in at all of your 15-Hr Interactive courses


Once these 4 steps have been done, then you have truly completed the course entirely!


The State Exam
After receiving your transcript, your completion will be reported to the state.  After about 1-2 business days, you can schedule your state exam with PSI by clicking here:

Once you pass the IL Real Estate state exam you will be eligible for a Real Estate Broker license.  Passing the state exam doesn’t mean you get licensed right away.  There are a few more steps to take before getting to the finish line!

Your Timeframe
The transcript you receive is valid for 2 years following the completion of your full 75-Hr Real Estate pre-license course. Please note that the 2 years is based upon the COMPLETION date for EACH of your pre-license courses; the 60-Hr and your 15-Hr interactive portion. You can obtain these dates by looking at your transcript (which is also located in your student portal) or contacting the school so you can be mindful of the timeframe you have.

You will need a valid state exam score report which is received after you pass the state exam. 

If you happen to only pass one portion of the state exam you have 1 year to pass the other portion AND find a sponsoring broker to become licensed all while keeping your course completion dates in mind.

Finding a Sponsoring Broker
Now you must get sponsored to get licensed and practice Real Estate. If you don’t have a sponsor lined up, we can help you with that by providing information about where to go, what to ask for and what to do.  After you choose a Sponsoring Broker, they will help you activate your real estate license with the IDFPR.  Other fees will apply for licensing, board dues, etc.  Communicate with your Sponsoring Broker for all of the relevant information you need to know.

Continuing Education
New agents are required to take 45-Hrs of post-license training prior to the 1st renewal and encouraged to take it immediately after getting licensed just to get it out of the way. This is terrific New Agent Training, and we can help you with that when you are ready! We offer the 45-Hr post-licensing course in 3 different ways: online self-paced, live video conference via ZOOM, and in-person.

Keep your Real Estate Broker license current by completing 12-Hrs of continuing education with us and renewing your license by April 30th of every even year*.

*If you apply for your Real Estate license (with the Sponsoring Broker) within 180 days of the renewal period, you can skip that renewal period and go to the next one.
Example: If you apply for your license after November 1, 2023 (November 2 due to leap year this year) instead of renewing your license by April 30, 2023, you would renew your license by April 30, 2024.


It all starts with a license.
If you are passionate about real estate, interested in investing in real estate, or just looking for a new career with growth potential, a real estate license could be the right move. Does this sound like you? If so, give us a call at 630-844-0222 or check out our Real Estate Courses link on the main page to get started in real estate today and build your new career now!  We would love to help you get there and be at your side during your real estate journey.


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A REALTOR® is a licensed real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, (NAR) the largest trade group in the country.

Every agent is not a REALTOR®.  You become a REALTOR® after you pass your real estate course, pass the state license exam, join a real estate company and then join the National Association of REALTORS®.

According to the NAR, the term REALTOR has one, and only one, meaning:
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